IEE Project FABbiogas

The FABbiogas calculator is a result of the Project “FABbiogas – biogas production out of waste from the food and beverage industry”.

The project FABbiogas (Food and Beverage – FAB) wants to increase through aimed awareness-raising the demand of biogas plants and consequently the production of biogas out of organic waste from the European food and beverage industry.

FABbiogas tries to emphasize the advantages at the fermentation of sewage or organic waste from the food and beverage industry. Biogas as an innovative energy source in the process chain “Waste to Energy”.

The project results should help to expand the offering to energy sources for the production locations, through anaerobic utilization of high fraught sewage and organic waste. The biogas recovered through the anaerobic fermentation should be integrated into systems for energy supply.

Intermediate-termed goal of the project FABbiogas is the EU wide-spread implementation of location-specific concepts and the institutions of biogas plants – not only in the partner countries Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland and Czech Republic.


Sponsorship identification: IEE/12/768/SI2.645921

Project duration: 01/04/2013 - 30/09/2015


Here you can find the official Homepage of FABbiogas.

Firmensitz & Probenannahme: Hansjakobstraße 127a, 81825 München